General FAQ

Betterways is a smartphone app that calculates a driving-behavior score, based on motion and location data that is captured and calculated during each drive.
While on duty, the app will show the maps/routes that were taken and calculate the driver’s score. If the driver is on duty, the app will also send location data to the Captain’s web portal to reveal the whereabouts of the app user.
TrueDrive uses accelerating, braking and turning data to calculate a driving behavior score. TrueDrive is computed over time; specific events such as emergency braking will not impact your score immediately or have much impact on your overall score.
Betterways was built using state of the art technology to maximize battery life.
The app requires only a minimal amount of data to function. On average, data usage is only 40MB for an entire month.
Please note that while data usage is minimal, any potential reimbursement must be set by your employer. For example, an average data plan costs $10/GB, therefore the data reimbursement rate would average about $0.40 each month.
Yes, you can use it any time someone wants to share their whereabouts or driving behavior information with you. For example, if you’re concerned about the driving skills of the little league coach who’s taking your kids to the next tournament.

Using Betterways

The app user is always in control by using the work schedule or the On/Off Duty button.
No information will be shared with the Captain during “Off duty” drives, as no personal drives are calculated into the score. If you forget to switch to “off-duty”, then simply delete the accidental drive.
Once you delete the drive, it will not be used for your driving-score calculation and will not be shared with your Captain on the management-panels website.
Selecting your vehicle class will help to calculate the driving score.
We suggest you switch the vehicle class when driving different vehicles during work hours.
Some fleet owners have given out gift cards for good driving scores.